This site allows you to create customized tactile maps. Search for a location and the site will create a 3D printable file of the roadways in the surrounding area. The 3D map file is compatible with commercially available 3D printers or can be sent to a 3D printing service. Once printed, you will have a physical map of the location.
Enter a place or address into the 'Location' text box and hit enter or click the 'Search' button to begin.
The search result will be described under the 'Location Found' heading.

Search for a Location

Specify a Location

Specifying a longitude and latitude point will override the location search.

Location Found

No address has been searched. Enter an address into the location search box and click the search button.

Add places

In the 'Places' box you can search for nearby points of interest like coffee shops or restaurants. However, you must first search for a location to map.

Marked locations

These are the locations that will be marked on your map. You can add more by searching for places using the 'Places' searchbox and then clicking the 'Add to Map' button that appears with the query results.

Marker Type:


Select map features to include:


What to do next

The map will be generated according to the parameters set above.

Select a map size.
Larger maps allow for more space between features, which make make the map more legible.
Larger maps also require larger printers and more material to produce.
If you plan to print the map yourself, be sure to select a size that fits within your print bed.

To generate a map file, enter your email address and select a delivery option.
Clicking 'Email Map File' will result in an email with the 3D printable (.stl) file attached after it is generated. This process may take a few minutes.
If you do not have access to a 3D printer and would like to learn about printing options, select the 'Request Print' button. We will review your map file and provide commercial printing options. This process may take up to a day or two.


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